Personal Branding in Tech

Learn and apply a toolbox to build a successful personal brand in tech. 

✅ Motivation to work on your personal brand
✅ Metrics to measure your progress 
✅ Commit yourself to sustain activities

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Personal Branding - A Great Career Booster

Currently, the most important social media platform for career growth and professional networking is LinkedIn. LinkedIn has more than 875 million users, but only around 1% publish content on a regular basis. Therefore, there is still a huge potential using social media platforms like LinkedIn as a career booster for your tech career.

However, it is not enough to just be online and publish content once in a while. Uniqueness and being “known” for something are key in today’s world to be successful both in your career growth and in building connections professionally. Doing personal branding is a conscious choice in the way you communicate and present yourself, but the key is to be authentic and stay true to your own values.

Wouldn't it be nice to know about some best practices to master personal branding in tech? In this workshop you will be introduced to a toolbox for personal branding and practice it's application to build and grow your personal brand. The toolbox includes finding your topics and uniqueness, finding your style of communication, planning your branding activities and measuring your progress.


Workshop Outline

  • The importance of a personal brand in tech, including examples
  • Key criteria doing personal branding successfully
  • Learn about a toolbox to get started and sustain your activities
  • How to define your purpose, audit your personal brand equity and embody your personal brand
  • How to communicate - where, when, what and how?
  • Socialize through advocacy 
  • How to reevaluate and audit regularly
  • How to find the commitment to keep going after the workshop
  • Hands-on exercises for people to practice the content and steps from the toolbox

Key Facts

Learn and apply a toolbox for personal branding

✅ Get first-hand experience by the workshop host who mastered personal branding in the data field

✅ Learn, discuss and get support by a group of peers

Target Group

This workshop is designed for tech professionals who want to learn more about or get better in personal branding to boost their tech career. No specific seniority level required. 

Data Professionals

e.g. Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analytsts, Data Viz Experts, Data Leads

Software Professionals

e.g. Backend Engineers, Web developer, software architects, platform engineers

Other Tech Professionals

e.g. IoT Engineers, Security Engineers, Ethical Hackers


Tiankai Feng


Workshop Host

Tiankai has worked in data all his career with experiences in Digital Analytics, Data Science and Data Governance - but for many he is rather known as someone who makes data more fun through his music, memes and other unconventional methods. Creating this personal brand was never his plan, but he decided to show his authentic self more publicly and learned some things on the way that he would like to share. 

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