Product Lead

A Product Lead gathers requirements, manages the backlog, and ensures customer satisfaction for digital products.


Product Leads focus on the development of digital products. Social and communication skills are of great importance for mediating between stakeholders and coordinating roadmap and implementation. To collaborate effectively with tech professionals, technological expertise is very helpful. As a result, many successful Product Leads emerge from previous tech professionals. A formal certification is not necessary. However, we recommend training related to requirements engineering, product development, user and customer experience (UX / CX).

The performance of the Product Lead is measured by the success of the managed product(s).


Product Roadmap
Product Development
Requirements Engineering
Backlog Management
Stakeholder Management
Customer Satisfaction

Product Lead roles


Product Lead salary

72.000 – 121.000€

Note: The actual salary depends strongly with organisation size, industry and location.
Skillmap Product Lead

Tasks of a Product Lead

The tasks vary significantly depending on the company and environment. Some Product Leads have additional responsibilities for people or technology, while others focus exclusively on the product. Key activities in the role of Product Leads include

  • Managing and collecting requirements (requirements engineering, backlog management)
  • Understanding and structuring requirements  (functional requirements, non-functional requirements)
  • Coordination with development team and Scrum Master (sprint planning, backlog refinement)
  • Presenting progress (demos, presentations, changelog, release management)
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction (feedback, reviews, surveys, interviews, support)
  • Development of the product vision (market research, trends, roadmap, competitors)

How to become Product Lead?

You become a Product Lead with extensive professional experience. A minimum of 3–6 years of work experience is necessary. However, some individuals also choose to take on product leadership later on.

There are no standards for the designation of Product Lead positions. On the career ladder, positions such as Product Manager, Product Owner, and Group Product Manager are used – optionally with an additional Senior level. However, the positions in your company could also have completely different names.

Product Lead Positionen

Leadership tracks in tech


Process Manager

Development of processes, teams and organizations


People Lead

Management and leadership of people and teams.


Tech Lead

Development of architecture and techn. vision