Tobias Mende • Build Platform Teams

Build Platform Teams

Hands-on workshop for engineers and tech leads that need to speed up product development in their organization and reduce cognitive load.

✅ Understand what platform teams are and why they are needed
✅ Understand benefits and risks of platform teams
✅ Practical guidance and tools on building a platform team

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Tech departments often face the same technical challenges

With growing software organizations and the increase in complex software systems, it's very inefficient and expensive for each software team to maintain tools and the underlying infrastructure individually. As those teams are often dealing with similar issues, central platform teams are able to reduce friction, reduce cognitive load and speed up the development process

Platform teams can mitigate this and improve developer experience, productivity, and autonomy of all teams at once. Platform teams provide fundamental services focussing on technical, procedural, systemic and cultural aspects to software teams. Therefore, software development teams can achieve higher levels of autonomy, productivity and better developer experience. However, it's also important to know how to setup platform teams in the right way in oder to minimize risks and dependencies in the value-stream.

Workshop Outline

  • Introduction to platform teams and their characteristics
  • Vision, mission and purpose of a platform team
  • Fundamentals of team topologies and the role of platform teams
  • Topics owned by platform teams
  • Who are the customers of platform teams? 
  • Working mode of a platform team and interactions with other teams 
  • Cultural and systemic factors of platform teams
  • Exercise: Creating a team charta

Key Facts

✅ 2x 4 hours online live workshop together with our workshop host

✅ Learn from our experienced workshop host who will share his first-hand learnings

✅ Interact and discuss the topic in a group of peers

✅ Create real outcomes for your team in hands-on exercises

Target Group

The Workshop is designed for people in tech who want to increase developer productivity, reduce friction within their development processes and optimize organizational design of their tech teams. 

Team / Tech Lead / CTOs

looking for solutions to speed up development process by removing technical blockers.

Engineers / Architects / DevOps

who want to learn how developer experience can be improved by platform teams.

Agile Coaches / Operational Manager

who want to optimize processes und reduce cognitive load in software teams.

Tobias Mende

Tobias Mende


Workshop Host

Tobias has 20 years of experience in software and technology. Already at the age of 12 Tobias founded his first agency for web development and IT-Support. After his studies in Computer Science and Software Systems Engineering, he worked at several organisations from startups to large corporates. Tobias brings many years of hands-on experience as an engineer, architect, tech lead and product lead. As developer productivity engineer and tech lead at BRYTER, Tobias was responsible to build and lead a platform team. Now as the founder of, Tobias helps CTOs and founders build high-performing human-centric organisations. 

Webinar with Tobias

You cannot wait to learn more about platform teams? Watch the recordings of our webinar together with Tobias Mende about how to build platform teams.

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